Thursday, September 20, 2007

when life puts u in a box

When life (i prefer society) put u in a box, what to do?

a) redesign and redecorate?
b) make it comfortable and homely?
c) fight like hell?
d) have a pity party?
e) install wheels?
f) install wings? (aerodynamics)remember this when some one says to u: "u have grown wings"
g)do nothing?
h)demand for a bigger box?
g)turn it into a prison?
i)pretend it's five star hotel room and society is room service?
j)break down the damn box? (possibly with ur bare hands)
k)install a lock or the best security device?
j)be a sister to the girl in the next box?
l)use what your mama gave you? (the one encased in your cranium)
m)use what your mama gave you? (the one between your legs)


i am aware that this can apply to men too, to an extent.