Monday, July 26, 2010

who's afraid to fail?

At the age of seven, a young boy and his family were forced out of their home. The boy had to work to support his family. At the age of nine, his mother passed away. When he grew up, the young man was keen to go to law school, but had no prior formal education.

At 22, he lost his job as a store clerk. At 23, he ran for state legislature and lost. That same year he went into business.
It failed, leaving him with a debt that took him 17 years to repay.
At 27, he had a nervous breakdown.
Two years later, he ran for speaker in his state legislature. He lost.
At 31, he was defeated in his attempt to become an elector.
By 35, he had been defeated twice while running for Congress.
Finally, he did manage to secure a brief term in Congress, but at 39 he lost his re-election bid.

At 41, his four-year-old son died. At 42, he was rejected as a prospective land officer.
At 45, he ran for the Senate and lost. Two years later, he lost the vice presidential nomination. At 49, he ran for Senate and lost again.

At 51, he was elected the President of the United States of America.

Thus was the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Excerpted from the Executive Report.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Be all the woman you can be

Friday, February 5, 2010

I miss the good old days!

Happy 2010 blogpeeps!

I miss the good old days!
does anyone remember the good old days? of rants and raves and thought provoking post, of virtual friendships that seemed real, of shamelessly falling in love with blogpersonas, of sisterhood bonds that inspired, stimulated and raised our collective consciousness.

anyone remember my girls, Belle, Zephi, shola pacheco, soupasexy, anyaposh, smarragad, ms. emotions, princessa, isi, allied, nikkisab, the afrobeat, paradigm, honeywell, miss pumping, omosewa, oluwadee,guerienenaija, ndq, xena, darkelce, nyemoni and afroliciuos? (did i miss anyone?)
i know 30+, 36,fq and solo are still blogging and pinksatin makes sporadic postings here and there. all am saying is, the state of the sisterhood has changed. what did u say? i have changed? of course! don't be ridiculous! am older, not any wiser and more opinionated than ever!

even the brodas are not blogging like before! Naapali just hopped and left, no sighting of bro nimmo, carl is on a cruise, charizard hitched his wag with burracup, rumor is swirling that jinta skipped town with some chick..., laspapi? he's sorta blogging i think! like i said the landscape of blogville has changed.

goodnaijagirl, did u think i forgot about u? never babe! big ups for holding down blogeria. u are so lovable!

greetings to all u newbies, and not so newbies,

Bellebellebelle, where fore art thou? still missing u babe!
mizopekemizopekemizopeke please come back oh. luv ya!
Jinta Jinta Jinta please come back, i miss u!luv ya!