Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's the victim?

PARIS) — A court decision to annul a Muslim couple's marriage because the bride lied about being a virgin discriminates against women and should be overturned, state prosecutors argued Monday.

A court in the northern town of Douai annulled the 2006 marriage in April because the husband discovered on his wedding night that his bride had lied about her virginity. The decision caused an uproar, with some in France calling it a sign that the country's secular values are losing ground to the traditions of its fast-growing immigrant communities. There are some 5 million Muslims in France.

The lower court based its decision on an article of the French Civil Code that states that a spouse can seek an annulment if the partner has misrepresented his or her "essential qualities."

Eric Vaillant, a spokesman for the Douai appeals court, said prosecutors told the three-judge tribunal during a nearly two-hour hearing that a woman's virginity is "in no way ... an essential quality," as the lower court had suggested.

Making a wife's virginity a condition of marriage "would be discriminatory because it would harm the principles of equality between men and women, of free use of one's body and the dignity of the human being," Vaillant said by telephone, summarizing the prosecution's argument.

The prosecution said it was not opposed to the idea of annulling the marriage, which neither couple now wants, but the motive must be "legitimate," in conformity with the principles upheld by France.

Vaillant said the court could base an annulment on an "error about the person, with the couple discovering their true respective personalities on the wedding night" instead of basing it on a false virginity claim.

"We are offering an exit door," he said.

Should the appeals court agree to simply scrap the annulment, the couple will remain married and be forced to seek a divorce.

The couple, a man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s, has not been identified by name. Neither was present in court, Vaillant said.

A verdict is expected Nov. 17

From: Time Magazine

what do u guys think?

Friday, September 19, 2008

naija pride


Friday, September 12, 2008

Back in the hood!

am back!
that's righto!
no, i was not abducted by aliens!

unless u're my friend Tunie.
Tunnie babe if u're reading--
gurrrl, u know u're the only one i can tell the honest to goodness truuti. besides they won't believe me anyway! what's that? u believe me! thank u! thank u! a da fun e!
what shape was the spacecraft? Enormous!
mathematically speaking, it was Blaise Pascal deviant! i will give u the specs and the invisible map digitally. ok? hey! whadya say? maybe u can have ur wedding on the spacecraft! (happy happy smile and Klingon salute)~~~!

back to my blogfam jare!
yes o, i have missed u all plentiful.
what was all that locomotive? please don't ask! just believe me,, i am not ccccrrrazy! just nuts!lol

how have u all been? i hope u all enjoyed the summer.( i did!)
what have i missed? buffdays? engagements? weddings? touch downs? chieftancy titles? turbaning? ordinations?nominations?coronations?anniversaries? blogversaries?knightings? promotions? tooth fairy sightings? book deals? freedoms? ( let's celebrate!)

Marriagegrats to Oluwadee and Nikkisab and Ibo dude!
wishing u all a blissful and blessed married life.
did fff get married?

Happy belated buffdays to all una July and August babies! am still expecting cake and jollof o,(Funmi and Laspapi take notus focus)

a special happy buffday to my baby Tolu, ur royal highness! how does it feel to be ......older? the big.....(cheeky grin)

Pink satin! kilode now? am still missing Belle and now u comot too? anyone heard from Isi?
where is my boy chari?
where's my girl shola pacheco?
Zephi- aka babyluv: hmmmmmmmmm!!!
miz opeke, i love u too babe!
tharry plus, wetin u bring o?
omosewa, mind yasef!
Carl, how's that book coming?
welcome to blogville omotee!(stop blushing joh!)

the pics in the previous post were from my trip to Aruba and yes lg, that was fire on his kini. lol

that's it? yes, for now. what more do u want?
oooh! u amebos and gbeboruns! u want a detailed account of my time away?
well, actually and basically i have a blogfull, but, u will have to wait! i have blog rounds to make and jubaing to do.