Thursday, May 29, 2008

extra extra read all about it!

if u don't know what it's about, please report to my office for spanking.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

TaG along!

was double tagged by jinta and laspapi(are they related?)

what's the problem with tagging? they reveal way too much!
the rules? why follow rules if rules follow u? (see, what i mean?)

SiX QuiRks! (am a quirk!)

(1)It annoys the hexagons out of me when people think they're paying me a compliment by saying: beauty and brains! (are they mutually exclusive?)

(2)I have never been lonely in my life! the truth is, i crave solitude like an addict crave their drug of choice. (i actually become cranky when over stimulated)

(3)I loooooove to eat! yet, i wud rather starve than to eat just anything other than what i want at that moment or eat in a place i perceive as unclean. of course, i do bukaterias!(it's not unusual for me to skip meals or drive gazillion miles to kutuwengi just to satisfy my palate)

(4)I love my walls, floors and sinks spotless!(no matter how tired i am, i clear out the sink and i mop the kitchen floor every night! yep! i wash walls too!) i have my mum to thank for that o. bathrooms? please don't go there!

(5)I cannot sleep sitting up or in motion. i travel quite a bit so i know o.(11+
hours to Naija, nada! even 20hrs to Singapore sef!)

(6)my name is Sherri and i have a footwear problem! how bad is this problem? not bad joh! who's counting? lol

(7)i love tea with my sugar.chocolate? that's my oxygen.(this is jara)


consider urself tagged if u've not been tagged.

Friday, May 9, 2008

April showers spring forth May Blossoms

i sure hope u're all doing well..
this month is chock full of emotions for moi.

roll out the drums o! am gushing with pride and joy! my two teenage mentees will be graduating high school with honors this month. (college bound in september)yeah!

mr my1 will be celebrating a buffday this month and it wud be two whole years we've been together.(how did that happen?)one of us is a

am grappling with a friend's marriage breakdown. they seemed so perfect and happy together and yet they didn't make their 2nd annivesary!
theirs was the first wedding Mr my1 and i attended as a couple, his induction, according to my girl Udu and his first encounter with golden boy.(been meaning to blog about that)
am believing for God's intervention for them.(all prayers will be appreciated)

also grappling with another friend's serious health issues. (God is in control. more prayers o)

Brian Mcknight? heard some of his songs, thot he was a little nasal and whiny. that was until:

being dating this dude for two months after a two year sabbatical, he's sweet, nice, yada yada yada and a bit of stalkeraz. u'd think i wud be worried about the stalking and the eye lowjack, right? nope! i was miffed cos the dude hadn't made any attempt to kiss me!

as i drove to his house for the second time, with the intention of cutting him loose if he's still not willing to swap saliva. (ewwww!? na u sabi o)

he opened the door before i cud register a print on the doorbell, i quickly soften my eye as instructed by my girl Oyin(how? later! i have it down to a science)
as we entered the living room, the light dims and the music starts, no excuse me dance or nothing, dude just assumed the blues grip. i oblige thinking in my head(bush naija man!)
i asked him, who was singing. (this was not Barry white or Marvin Gaye)

he said: "just listen and pretend am singing to u."
midway into my rolleyes, the words registered!

i held my breath waiting for the song to end but it ended only to start again and again and again and again.
he raised my face to his just in time for me to see his lips leaving his face and coming at me in slow motion (twilight zone music)

as his mouth covered mine, my legs jellified...

thank goodness! my clothes didn't fall off! (yes o, it was that gooood)dude is a complete gentleman.

that's our first kiss and i became a Brian McKnight fan.